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Título: Fencing in the south: the Straight of Gibraltar as a paradigm of the regime in the mediterranean
Autor: Vacchiano, Francesco
Data: 2013
Editora: The Mediterranean Institute, University of Malta
Citação: Vacchiano, F (2013). Fencing in the south: the Straight of Gibraltar as a paradigm of the regime in the mediterranean. Journal of Mediterranean Studies, 2013, Vol. 22, 2, 337-364
Resumo: Over the last years the Mediterranean has turned into one of the main sites of implementation of the new European ‘border regime’. The manufacture of the new ‘southern frontier’ in Europe is shaping economic, social and political processes in new ways for the area. Through the ethnography of the transformations in the social and physical landscape around the Strait of Gibraltar (particularly at the Moroccan-Spanish border), this contribution puts forward a reflection upon the multiple levels of action of the contemporary border. Building on the debate on the new European ‘border regime’ and its fallouts, I propose a framework to analyse the different devices (legislative, bureaucratic, securitarian and conceptual) that compose the ‘border apparatus’ and how they are functioning in the area of Gibraltar. My aim is to give an anthropological contribution to reflect on the ways the Mediterranean is currently being set up as a new borderland, but also to propose a framework to study bordering processes in other sites.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10451/15919
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