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The Centre for Philosophy of Science of the University of Lisbon (CFCUL) officially started its activities in July 2003 and it is composed of an interdisciplinary team that includes integraded members and collaborators, national and international, with distinct institutional affiliations. The CFCUL also has the support of three prestigious consultants.

The CFCUL develops its activities within six Research Groups, and aims to promote the development of the Philosophy of Science in Portugal by supporting and favouring research in the field of Philosophy of Science, by participating in Research Projects, by collaborating with national and international teams, by doing research supervision of Post-graduate students, by linking research and Post-graduation through the Master and PhD Programmes in History and Philosophy of Science of the FCUL, and the Master in Bioethics of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon.

The CFCUL aims also to spread knowledge in the field of Philosophy of Science, by promoting national and international Colloquia, Conferences, Workshops and other meetings, by promoting a Philosophy of Science Permanent Seminar and other conference cicles, by publishing the results of the research (papers, books and dissertations), by setting up the journal Kairos. Philosophy & Science, and five publication series: Philosophy of Science Notebooks, Thesis, Documenta, Evolutionism: Foundations and Challenges, and Image in Science and Art.

O Centro de Filosofia das Ciências (CFC) é uma Unidade de Investigação associada à Secção Autónoma de História e Filosofia das Ciências (SAHFC)