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Título: The "Eco" and "Low-carbon" promise: a critical review of China's experience
Autor: Balula, Luís
Bina, Olivia
Palavras-chave: Desenvolvimento sustentável
Planeamento urbano
Data: 2015
Editora: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd
Citação: Balula, L. & Bina, O. (2015). The “Eco” and “Low-carbon”promise: a critical review of China’s experience. In F. Gipouloux (Ed.), China’s Urban Century. Governance, Environment and Socio-Economic Imperatives, (pp. 103-119). Massachusets: Edward Elgar
Resumo: The scale and speed of China’s urbanization translate into major challenges for sustainability. Could the ‘eco-city’ and ‘low-carbon’ agendas, and the promotion of related pilot cities drive Chinese urban practice towards more environmentally sustainable solutions? We explore this question through a critical review of experience in China, identifying problems relating to the development of space, the treatment of scale and the pursuit of efficiency (the ‘space-scale-efficiency nexus’). China seeks sustainable solutions through eco and low-carbon agendas, but our review finds that current efforts fall short of expectations, and problematic patterns are repeated. We propose that a geo-administrative notion of functional regions could provide a strategic framework to address the range of design, physical and administrative planning problems, ensuring that eco-city and low-carbon city pilots result in comprehensive solutions that can be effectively replicated.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10451/20587
ISBN: 978-1-78471-508-3
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