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Título: Tool from ancient pharmacopoeia prevents vision loss
Autor: Boatright, Jeffrey H.
Moring, Anisha G.
McElroy, Clinton
Phillips, Michael J.
Do, Vi T.
Chang, Bo
Hawes, Norm L.
Boyd, Amber P.
Sidney, Sheree S.
Stewart, Rachael E.
Minear, Steven C.
Chaudhury, Rajashree
Ciavatta, Vincent T.
Rodrigues, Cecil
Palavras-chave: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Data: 2006
Citação: MOLECULAR VISION. - Vol. 12, n. 194-95 (DEC 29 2006), p. 1706-1714
Resumo: PURPOSE: Bear bile has been used in Asia for over 3,000 years to treat visual disorders, yet its therapeutic potential remains unexplored in Western vision research. The purpose of this study was to test whether treatment of mice undergoing retinal degene
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10451/21086
ISSN: 1090-0535
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