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Título: Assessing compliance of guidelines on layout in Acta Medica Portuguesa
Autor: Fernandez-Llimos, Fernando
Silva, Teresa A.
Palavras-chave: Medicine, General & Internal
Data: 2008
Citação: ACTA MEDICA PORTUGUESA. - Vol. 21, n. 1 (JAN-FEB 2008), p. 21-30
Resumo: Objective: To assess the compliance of Acta Medica Portuguesa of international guidelines for layout of serial publications. Methods: Compliance assessment of international guidelines for serial publications included in a recent review published by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology. Only chapters regarding layout, but not those related with instructions for authors and editorial policy were assessed. Compliance of chapters of general characteristics and issue table of contents was evaluated from Acta Medica Portuguesa web page; the chapter contributions was evaluated analyzing the layout of the articles published in 2007. Results: In 2007, 70 articles were published in the 6 issues constituting the volume 20 of Acta Medica Portuguesa. Out of the 76 criteria assessed, 7 were considered as non- applicable. From the remaining 69 criteria, Acta Medica Portuguesa complies with 27 ( 39.1%). Discussion: Simple solutions are suggested to comply with 51 criteria ( 73.9%), being 10 criteria considered as under discussion when thinking on online journals edition. Current study has not assessed criteria of instructions for authors and editorial policy, which should soon undergo another assessment. Conclusion: Acta Medica Portuguesa complies about 39% of criteria from the guidelines for journal layout, but with slight modifications could achieve near 75% of compliance.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10451/21177
ISSN: 1646-0758
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