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Título: Valproic acid metabolism and its effects on mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation
A review
Autor: Silva, M. F. B.
Aires, C. C. P.
Luis, P. B. M.
Ruiter, J. P. N.
IJist, L.
Duran, M.
Wanders, R. J. A.
de Almeida, I. Tavares
Palavras-chave: Endocrinology & Metabolism
Genetics & Heredity
Data: 2008
Resumo: Valproic acid (VPA; 2-n-propylpentanoic acid) is widely used as a major drug in the treatment of epilepsy and in the control of several types of seizures. Being a simple fatty acid, VPA is a substrate for the fatty acid P-oxidation (FAO) pathway, which takes place primarily in mitochondria. The toxicity of valproate has long been considered to be due primarily to its interference with mitochondrial P-oxidation. The metabolism of the drug, its effects on enzymes of FAO and their cofactors such as CoA and/or carnitine will be reviewed. The cumulative consequences of VPA therapy in inborn errors of metabolism (IEMs) and the importance of recognizing an underlying IEM in cases of VPA-induced steatosis and acute liver toxicity are two different concepts that will be emphasized.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10451/21686
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s10545-008-0841-x
ISBN: Child Hlth, Great O
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