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Título: A perspectiva linear e orgãnica na conceção do desenho de paisagem
Autor: Duarte, Helena Cristina Alcoforado, 1970-
Orientador: Trindade, António de Oriol, 1967-
Palavras-chave: Leonardo, da Vinci, 1452-1519
Jungmann, Jean Paul
Perspectiva linear
Data de Defesa: 25-Fev-2016
Resumo: This dissertation was primarily engaged in the study of linear and organic perspective applied to the drawing of landscape, considering the perspective as a fundamental tool in order to graphically materialize sensory experiences offered by the landscape / place to be drawn. The methodology consisted initially in the investigation of perspective theories and perspective representation methods applied to landscape drawing, followed by practical application to a specific case. Thus, within the linear perspective were analyzed and explained: the visual framing, the methods of representation based on the descriptive geometry and also the design of shadows and reflections within the shadows. In the context of organic perspective were analyzed and described techniques utilizing depth of field, the color, or fading and overlapping and light-dark so as to add depth to the drawing. It was also explained a set of materials, printing techniques and resources, which by means of practical examples executed by different artists over time, show the perspectives’ drawings and application of theory. Finally, a set of original drawings was prepared in order to represent a place of a specific case, using for this purpose the theories and methods of linear and organic perspective, using different materials and printing techniques. The drawings were framed under the "project design", starting with the horizontal and vertical projections of a landscape architecture design to provide different views of the proposed space. It can be concluded that the techniques and methods described and exemplified, were suitable, with some adjustments, to the purpose it was intended, in particular in the landscape design conception, bringing to reality the pictorial sense world perceived by the human eye
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10451/24059
Designação: Tese de mestrado, Desenho, Universidade de Lisboa, Faculdade de Belas Artes, 2016
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