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Title: Herança e cidadania
Other Titles: Visitas de estudo, excursões escolares e educação estética na formação dos jovens escolares portugueses : 1894-1960
Author: Félix, Inês Francisco, 1985-
Advisor: Ó, Jorge Ramos do, 1962-
Keywords: Educação estética
Pedagogia moderna
Património arquitectónico
Herança cultural
Defense Date: 2011
Abstract: At the beginning of the 20th century, the discourse which valorizes patrimony and the discourse which sustains modern pedagogy coexist apparently dissociated, but they are linked on what concerns scholar trips as a pedagogic tool towards an integral education of the student. If, on one hand, these contributed for him to incorporate a cultural capital, as part of an enlighted perception, on the other hand, those stood for his moral education through both socialization process and apprehension of historical monument values. Considering that these are a historic and cultural built product, linked to the configuration of both national memory and identity, deeply connected to States affirmation, this study seeks a large comprehension on how School took and used those values towards a civic education. This was achieved through an aesthetic education, which could make clear and naturalize some feelings and values included on a nationalist point of view. Therefore, the major goal of this study is clarifying the nature of that educative gesture, which wished for a metamorphosis from student to citizen, between 1894 and 1960.
Description: Tese de mestrado, Educação artística, Universidade de Lisboa, Faculdade de Belas Artes, 2011
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