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Título: The Digital Divide: Worldwide Challenges for Communication Across the Life Span in the Digital Age
Autor: Kretchmer, Susan B.
Correa, Teresa
Rennie, Ellie
Thomas, Julian
Robinson, Laura
Salgado, Susana
Schejter, Amit
Ben-Harush, Orit
Tirosh, Noam
Mola, Shula
Mendels, Jonathan
Shaham, Malka
Abu-Kaf, Ghalia
Yang, Qinghua
Yates, Simeon
Palavras-chave: Digital communication
Digital divide
Data: 2016
Editora: Peter Lang
Citação: Kretchmer, S. B., Correa, T., Rennie, E., Thomas, J., Robinson, L., Salgado, S.,... Yates S. J. (2016). The Digital Divide: Worldwide Challenges for Communication Across the Life Span in the Digital Age. In Nussbaum, J. F. (ed.) Communication Across the Life Span, pp. 123-148. (Communication Across the Life Span (ICA International Communication Association. Annual Conference Theme Book Series, Vol. 3) New York: Peter Lang
Resumo: Certainly one of the most fundamental and significant worldwide challenges to communication across the life span in the digital age is the digital divide. For more than 20 years now since the recognition of the digital divide through social scientific research in 1994,large percentages of the populations of countries around the would have been disconnected from the most important technological advancement in communication in a generation and the myriad opportunities it facilitates, thus setting the life paths of those excluded on a course divergent from the trajectory of mainstream civilization.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10451/26269
ISBN: 978-1-4331-3181-3
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