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Título: The role of ICT in teacher education. The development of web pages by project method
Autor: Miranda, Guilhermina Lobato
Rolo, Ana Isabel
Palavras-chave: Internet
Formação de professores
Método de projecto
Tecnologias da informação e da comunicação
Data: Nov-2002
Citação: Miranda, G. L. e Rolo, A. (2002). The role of ICT in teacher education. The development of web pages by project method. Education-line (24p).
Resumo: This paper is a description of an in-service teacher training experience that used ICT to develop a project that involved teachers (nursery and primary) and also children, parents and other members of the educational community. Its aim was to build an Internet site that would give information about school life. It's an open web space where teachers, parents and students can express and share their ideals and activities. This project is still in progress and is being developed in three interconnected phases: conception, development and evaluation. The most important issue to relate is that the technical or instrumental learning is dependent on the ideas and purposes of teachers, students and parents. We believe that when we talk about ICT in schools and also in teacher education we shouldn't only be concerned with the 'means', that is to say, how to introduce computers or how to use a word processor and Internet resources, but also with the 'ends'. Only when we question the ends do we begin to pay attention to what we do, that is, to construct a story that is worth telling " ... to tell that we are merely tools makers (and tools users) is to miss the entire narrative aim? We are world's makers and world's weavers" (Postman, 2002, p. 108).
Peer review: yes
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