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Título: Literacia e educação de adultos: percursos, processos e efeitos : um estudo de caso
Autor: Gomes, Maria do Carmo
Orientador: Pais, José Machado
Palavras-chave: Literacia
Educação de adultos
Representações sociais
Alfabetização - escolarização
Teses de mestrado
Data de Defesa: 2002
Resumo: This research intends to be a case study about literacy in the context of adults'education courses on the 1st cycle retraining education. The idea of building a problematic that crosses the thematic of literacy with an empirical object constituted by individuals with low skills for the processing of written information in daily life, had the following aims: in one hand, to understand as people with low formal school resources (or total absence of them) deal with written materials in their daily life; and, on the other hand, to evaluate the effects that adults' education courses play while contexts that supply different levels of skills basic education, basic literacy, personal and socialdevelopment, etc. Additionally, importance that these individuals attribute to literacyskills and school qualifications and the relations that they establish with the social exclusion phenomenon are argued. In what concerns methodology, this study intends to develop a qualitative-intensive approach on literacy skills, here presented as a case study. For doing such, several techniques of data collection on social sciences were used like individual interviews to the students, direct observation for limited periods in the school and informal talks with pupils, employees and teachers. This research was developed trough an analytical model organized on three main axles. In the first one, the structural one, it's made an analysis of students' social origins, trajectories and ways of life, which able to identify structural positions. The second axle, the procedural one, is leaned over on the types of practices developed by these individuals to use written information in daily life and the ways as they auto-evaluate and value their basic literacy skills (reading, writing and calculate). The last axle, the contextual one, intends to analyze the social and scholar effects produced by adults'education courses while specifics sociocultural contexts in what regards not only the a
Descrição: Tese de mestrado em Ciências Sociais (O Sofrimento: perspectivas socioculturais), apresentada à Universidade de Lisboa através do Instituto de Ciências Sociais, 2002
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10451/287
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