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Título: Between Patients and Doctors : It Takes a Person
Autor: Casal, Teresa
Palavras-chave: Patient
Illness narratives
Therapeutic relation
Data: 2014
Editora: Inter-Disciplinary Press
Citação: Casal, Teresa. "Between Patients and Doctors: It Takes a Person". Beyond Diagnosis: Relating the Person to the Patient - The Patient to the Person. Peter Bray and Teresa Casal (Eds.). Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press. 2014. 83-110.
Resumo: ‘Thank you, I feel so much more like a person now,’ I told the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) nurse after the morning bath. The words came out spontaneously, and she was startled. What made me feel ‘more like a person’ at a time when my life was at risk, and I was tied to machines and entirely dependent on others’ care? If becoming a patient entails the experience of vulnerability and ultimately the exposure to one’s mortality, how does a patient remain a person in the midst of acute illness? Can a patient remain a person if she is regarded primarily as a malfunctioning body and/or mind? To what extent is the patient’s self-perception shaped by others’ perceptions of her? Can she contribute by reshaping those that prove harmful? By arguing for the need to listen to the patient’s ‘biological and biographical stories’ in the interest of good clinical practices, John Launer pinpoints the limitations of a biomedical approach that splits the body from the person, and argues for the need to reconnect biology and biography within the therapeutic relation. Indeed, one of the most striking conclusions of Klitzman’s study on doctors who became patients is the stigmatisation of patienthood among the medical profession. Not only did doctor-patients feel diminished as patients and experienced the dissociation between body and person, but they also complained of the split between professional and personal responses from their colleagues. The patient’s split between body and person thus seems to find a correlate in the physician’s split between professional and person, and both may be symptomatic of pervasive cultural practices. How to connect biology and biography, the professional and the personal in the clinical encounter is the question addressed in this chapter, which draws on personal testimony, illness memoirs, and literature on clinical practice.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10451/29470
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