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Título: A caminho da dissolução
Outros títulos: a problemática da autoria na arte contemporânea
Autor: Cruzeiro, Cristina Pratas
Orientador: Pereira, Fernando António Baptista, 1953-
Palavras-chave: Arte contemporânea
Atribuição de autoria
Data de Defesa: 2006
Resumo: The path that authorship, in the west, has taken is explored in this dissertation, since the beginning of the XX century until it reached to the post-modern era, in an international perspective, as well as the paths that Portugal has followed in the Post-Modernism timeline and in the presence of it, as much in cultural policies level, as on the artistic object, the artist and the curators. The authorship concept has been, through times, argued on different perspectives and conditions. The way how the concept is understood acts in an undeniable way with the artistic labour in the many cultural areas. It has practical, legal, theoretical and conceptual basis, but all form the body of what is nowadays authorship. In the intellectual process that art foments it is inevitable that the quarrel about the author appear, as much in the artist has in the other intervenients on the artistic sphere. The paths that society, culture and the art are taking since the XX century had persuade the authorship to a dissolved way in other premises. It’s that dissolution track that is followed and perspectivated. Not in a linear way, because its paths has not been so, but has an analysis and reflection proposal. There were many the tracks on what the authorial concept lays. Through the XX century, thinkers and artists leaned over on this theme, building proposals, analysis, judgements and fundaments that may explain, justify or run the appliance of the concept to some ways of artistic expression. The acknowledge of a certain scattering in this area, took to a non exhaustive but selective systematization by thinkers and artists that took in any time, the thinking on authorship has they’re direct work theme. This systematization allows a bigger range in understanding the reasons that justify authorial’s dissolution, has in international has in national plan and consolidate the understanding that comes whit it. In conclusion, the analysis and understanding of the limits and authorial’s paths on which art is operated, allow the development of a better understanding on that same art, as well on the reasons that orientate it
Descrição: Tese de mestrado em Teorias da Arte, apresentada à Universidade de Lisboa através da Faculdade de Belas Artes, 2007
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10451/3141
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