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Title: Sobre as relações entre o ciberespaço e o design de comunicação
Author: Rodrigues, Sara Amaral, 1986-
Advisor: Teixeira, Luís Filipe Bragança, 1953-
Vilar, Emílio Távora, 1964-
Keywords: Ciberespaço
Design de comunicação
Globalização cultural
Defense Date: 2010
Abstract: The aim of this work was trying to find and define the relationships between communication design and cyberspace. Along this dissertation we sought to establish the relational dynamics between the concepts of the initial premise - cyberspace and communication design - considering adjacent aspects: cultural globalization, interface, internet and a new anthropology for digital society. For this it was required to understand the cyberspace context and also the scenario in which it arises. We looked at the internet as a primary tool of cyberspace and its importance in today’s society. It was important to look up for other aspects of cyberspace such as virtual reality, interface and hypertext. We explored the influence and the role of new technologies on cultural globalization, the Information Society and the emergence of a new anthropology for the digital society. We also tried to understand the design of communication as an actual activity and the impact of new technologies in it. It was going through these concepts that we tried to build a bridge between the design of communication and cyberspace and tried to answer the initial premise of the work. We have identified so many types of relationships and interconnections among these concepts: the cooperation, mutual dependence relationship, and the fact they both have information as common object. Communication has changed significantly and it is here that we find the relations between communication design and cyberspace
Description: Tese de mestrado, Design de comunicação e novos media, Universidade de Lisboa, Faculdade de Belas Artes, 2011
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