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Title: Shear bond strength of adhesive to KrF excimer laser treated enamel
Author: Sivakumar, M.
Oliveira, Vítor
Vilar, Rui
Oliveira, Sofia S. A.
Keywords: Lasers in dentistry
Laser interaction with enamel
Restorative composite resin
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: Sivakumar M, Oliveira V, Vilar R, et al. Shear bond strength of adhesive to KrF excimer laser treated enamel. Int. J. Abrasive Technology. 2010;3(2):133-140.
Abstract: The bond strength of resin composite bonded to enamel surfaces treated with KrF excimer laser radiation, acid-etched surfaces and laser treated surfaces subjected to acid-etching was studied using a single-plane shear method. Enamel specimens were prepared from freshly extracted healthy incisors. The specimens were subjected to laser treatment with a KrF excimer laser (248 nm) using a fluence of 4 J/cm2. The bond strength to acid-etched specimens was greater than laser treated specimens. In contrast, bond strength to laser treated specimens subjected to acid-etching was comparable to those obtained with acid-etched specimens. The analogous bond strength to these specimens as compared to acid-etched specimens was probably due to a shift from adhesive to mixed rupture mechanism.
Peer review: yes
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