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Título: Biodegradation of acrylic based resins: a review
Autor: Bettencourt, Ana F.
Neves, Cristina B.
Almeida, Marise S. de
Pinheiro, Lídia M.
Oliveira, Sofia Arantes e
Lopes, Luís P.
Castro, Matilde F.
Palavras-chave: Dental materials
Acrylic based resins
Monomer release
Water sorption
Data: 2010
Citação: Bettencourt AF, Neves CB, Almeida MS, et al. Biodegradation of acrylic based resins: a review. Dental Materials. 2010;26(5):e171-e180.
Resumo: Objectives. The development of different types of materials with application in dentistry is an area of intense growth and research, due to its importance in oral health. Among the different materials there are the acrylic based resins that have been extensively used either in restorations or in dentures. The objective of this manuscript was to review the acrylic based resins biodegradation phenomena. Specific attention was given to the causes and consequences of materials degradation under the oral environment. Data and sources. Information from scientific full papers, reviews or abstracts published from 1963 to datewere included in the review. Published materialwas searched in dental literature using general and specialist databases, like the PubMED database. Study selection. Published studies regarding the description of biodegradation mechanisms, in vitro and in vivo release experiments and cell based studies conducted on acrylic based resins or their components were evaluated. Studies related to the effect of biodegradation on the physical and mechanical properties of the materials were also analyzed. Conclusions. Different factors such as saliva characteristics, chewing or thermal and chemical dietary changes may be responsible for the biodegradation of acrylic based resins. Release of potential toxic compounds from the material and change on their physical and mechanical properties are the major consequences of biodegradation. Increasing concern arises from potential toxic effects of biodegradation products under clinical application thus justifying an intensive research in this área.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10451/34472
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