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Title: Teachers' and students' views and attitudes towards a new mathematics curriculum: A case study
Author: Ponte, João Pedro da
Matos, João Filipe
Guimarães, Henrique Manuel
Leal, Leonor Cunha
Canavarro, Ana Paula
Keywords: Mathematics curriculum
Curriculum development
Curriculum change
Currículo da Matemática
Desenvolvimento curricular
Mudança curricular
Issue Date: 1994
Citation: Ponte, J. P., Matos, J. F., Guimarães, H., Canavarro, P., & Leal, L. C. (1994). Teachers’ and students’ views and attitudes towards a new mathematics curriculum. Educational Studies in Mathematics, 26(4), 347-365.
Abstract: The education system in Portugal is in the midst of a period of intensive reform. This paper describes the findings of a qualitative case study focusing on the views and attitudes of teachers and students participating in a pilot curriculum development programme stressing active methodologies and group work, conducted by the Ministry of Education In particular it discusses their views and attitudes about mathematics, mathematics teaching and curriculum innovation. The teachers were found to struggle with a contradiction: whilst they approved the new orientations, which were seen as adequate and innovative, they complained strongly about the design and implementation of the programme Students had a generally positive attitude towards mathematics, although there were differences among them. The 7th graders were satisfied with their mathematics classes and with the new curriculum. The 10th graders did not consider the changes as significant in themselves, but expressed concern for their academic progress.
Peer review: yes
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