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Título: Investigations and explorations in the mathematics classroom
Autor: Ponte, João Pedro da
Palavras-chave: Problem solving
Mathematical explorations
Resolução de problemas
Data: 2007
Citação: Ponte, J. P. (2007). Investigations and explorations in the mathematics classroom. ZDM, 39, 419-430.
Resumo: In Portugal, since the beginning of the 1990s, problem solving became increasingly identified with mathematical explorations and investigations. A number of research studies have been conducted, focusing on students’ learning, teachers’ classroom practices and teacher education. Currently, this line of work involves studies from primary school to university mathematics. This perspective impacted the mathematics curriculum documents that explicitly recommend teachers to propose mathematics investigations in their classrooms. On national meetings, many teachers report experiences involving students’ doing investigations and indicate to use regularly such tasks in their practice. However, this still appears to be a marginal activity in most mathematics classes, especially when there is pressure for preparation for external examinations (at grades 9 and 12). International assessments such as PISA and national assessments (at grades 4 and 6) emphasize tasks with realistic contexts. They reinforce the view that mathematics tasks must be varied beyond simple computational exercises or intricate abstract problems but they do not support the notion of extended explorations. Future developments will show what paths will emerge from these contradictions between promising research and classroom reports, curriculum orientations, professional experience, and assessment frameworks and instruments.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10451/3978
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