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Title: Development of pre-service mathematics teachers’ professional knowledge and identity in working with information and communication technology
Author: Ponte, João Pedro da
Oliveira, Hélia
Varandas, José Manuel
Keywords: Preservice teacher education
Professional knowledge
Professional identity
Information and communication technology
Formação inicial de professores
Ensino da matemática
Issue Date: 2002
Citation: Ponte, J. P., Oliveira, H., & Varandas, J. M. (2002). Development of pre-service mathematics teachers’ professional knowledge and identity working with information and communication technology. Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education, 5(2), 93-115
Abstract: This paper describes the work undertaken in a course in communication and information technology in a pre-service program for secondary school mathematics teachers. This course aimed to help pre-service teachers develop a positive attitude regarding ICT and use it confidently. It focused on the exploration of educational software and of the Internet’s potential as a means of research and production of web sites. We discuss how the pre-service mathematics teachers evaluate their work concerning their commitment, difficulties they found, learning they identified, and personal relationship. We also analyse the effects of the course on the development of their professional knowledge and identity.
Peer review: yes
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