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Title: Floral Analysis and Seasonal Dynamics of Mineral Levels in Carob Tree Leaves
Author: Custódio, L.
Correia, P.J.
Martins-Loução, M. A.
Romano, A.
Keywords: Ceratonia siliqua L
Floral analysis
Leaf analysis
Issue Date: Apr-2007
Citation: Journal of Plant Nutrition, 30: 739–753, 2007
Abstract: The mineral concentration of flowers and the seasonal fluctuation of macro- [nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), calcium (Ca), and magnesium (Mg)] and micronutrients [iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), zinc (Zn), and copper (Cu)] in leaves of male, female, and hermaphroditic carob trees (Ceratonia siliqua L.) were studied. The nutrient dynamics were linked not only to phenological events, but also to the gender of the trees. The females were able to allocate more nutrients to leaves than male trees, even though male flowers were richer in particular elements such as N and Zn. The hermaphrodites supported the development of both inflorescences and fruits with a lower seasonal variation and a lower leaf nutrient concentration, as compared to the other genders, which may indicate a more efficient use of resources. Flowers had, in general, a higher concentration of N, P, and K, and a lower Mn concentration than in leaves. Flowers of the females had a lower nutrient concentration compared to males or hermaphrodites.
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Peer review: yes
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