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Title: Effect of in vitro cold storage on surviving and proliferation of cork-oak (Quercus suber L.) cultures
Author: Romano, A.
Noronha, C.
Martins-Loução, M. A.
Keywords: Cold storage
Medium-term storage
Quercus suber L.
Issue Date: 1993
Abstract: Cork-oak cultures were stored in vitro without na intervening subculture, at 5º C in the dark for 5 months without loosing their capacity to regenerate when subcultured under standard conditions. The viability, proliferation rate and elongation of the explants were evaluated during 5 months of storage. Proliferation rate of stored cultures was observed during 5 months of storage. Proliferation rate of stored cultures was observed during the following 3 profileration cycles and compared to unstored controls of the same age. Shoot cultures survived with 100% viability and the proliferation rate was not statistically different from the controls. The results here described indicate the feasibility of establishing na in vitro active gene bank for Quercus suber. Cultivos de alcornoque han sido armacenados a 5º en oscuridad durante 5 meses sin ninguna intervención de subcultivo. Los cultivos no han perdido la capacidad de regeneración cuando cultivados en las condiciones estandardizadas. La viabilidad, la tasa de multiplicación y la alongación de los explantos han sido analizados durante 5 meses. La multiplicación de los cultivos almacenados se estudió durante los seguintes 3 ciclos de multiplicación y se comparo con los controlos sin almacenaje com la misma edad. Los cultivos han presentado 100% de viabilidad y la tasa de multiplicación no há sido estadisticamente diferente del control. Los resultados presentados demuestran la capacidad de establecer in vitro un banco de genes activo para el alcornoque (Quercus suber L.).
Description: Comunicação apresentada no Congreso Forestal Español nos dias 14 e 18 Junho de 1993, em Lourizán.
Peer review: yes
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