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Title: Wave propagation in the Portuguese Nearshore, with application to wave energy resource assessment
Author: Miani, Marco
Advisor: Dias, Joaquim Guilherme Henriques, 1961-
Pontes, Teresa
Keywords: SWAN wave model
Energy period
Trabalhos de projecto de mestrado - 2009
Defense Date: 2009
Abstract: SWAN wave model (Simulating Waves Nearshore, TU Delft) has been validated against in situ observations for two months: October and June (wave climate) analyzing salient wave parameters (Hs, Te, θ and Energy Flux (P) ) for the Portuguese Pilot Zone (PZ). The model slightly over predicts Hs, while Te is underestimated. Energy Flux (P) also shows mis estimation. θ is well predicted. Mis estimation is certainly due to improper boundary conditions (WAM 2D spectra). Extreme (stormy) observed sea states, typical for winter, are mis predicted by wave model; milder condition, typical in summer, are better predicted but still some important differences are observable.
Description: Trabalho de projecto de mestrado em Ciências Geofísicas (Oceanografia), apresentado à Universidade de Lisboa, através da Faculdade de Ciências, 2009
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