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Título: Promotion of rights and behavioural adequacy of students in school: Effects of a Transactional Analysis Programme
Autor: Veiga, Feliciano
Palavras-chave: Students rights
School behavior
Violence in school
Transactional Analysis
Data: 2004
Resumo: This study aimed to investigate the effects of teachers’ use of an Transactional Analysis Intervention Programme, on rights and behavioural adequacy of students in school. Specific formation was given to a group of teachers interested in the study, in which 8th grade students participated. The following evaluation instruments were used: the Children’s Rights Scale (Hart et al., 1996), and the School Disruption Professed by Students Scale(Veiga, 1996). These scales were applied before and after the intervention. The intervention lasted around 18 school weeks. The Transactional Analysis Intervention Programme was applied to the experimental group, and the control group continued to be the object of the type of teacher-student relationship practiced so far. The analysis of the results revealed statistically significant differences in the experimental group between the pretest and posttest situation, while this did not occur in the control group. The differences between the control group and the experimental group went from non-significant, in the pretest situation, to statistically significant and favorable for the experimental group, in the posttest situation. The study carried out stresses benefits for the students of the experimental group, who increase their rights and mprove their behavioural adequacy in school.
Peer review: no
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10451/4827
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