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Title: Um percurso para o design dos equipamentos sanitários em Portugal
Author: Pinto, Vanda Alexandra de Magalhães, 1987-
Advisor: Cunca, Raúl, 1963-
Duarte, Eduardo, 1966-
Keywords: Design de equipamento
Design de interiores
Equipamentos sanitários
Cultura material
História do design
Defense Date: 2011
Abstract: Since a long time, hygiene has been part of everyday life of human beings. Although this concept only has consolidated in a recent period, humankind has been worried, more or less consciously, with the care of its body, during the development of civilization. The changes occurred in the area of personal hygiene suffered a long journey, regarding to the amendment of hygienic habits and the evolution of architectural spaces used for this purpose. Today, hygiene and body care are increasingly linked to an individual and technical space in our homes - the bathroom - as well as the equipments that fill in it. During a long period of time, rudimentary body care were linked to elementary spaces, even primitive, with no connection to equipment or any objects. Only later, with the changing times, the humankind felt the need to create and introduce new artifacts, with greater or lesser complexity, to suppress their basic needs in order to improve his lifestyle and well-being. With the privatization and progressive specification of the divisions of the house, a sense of intimacy, emerged increasingly, and a whole range of innovative materials has invaded our daily lives. Now, we have a technical space in our houses, as the objects and equipment that allow us to have rituals of personal hygiene. Thus, the main propose of this dissertation is to approach the evolution of the bathroom, while technical space of our homes, and portray the course of the existence of sanitary equipment in the world and especially in Portugal, as well as the characteristics that they have been to present throughout its existence to the present days
Description: Tese de mestrado, Design de Equipamento, especialização em Design Urbano e de Interiores, Universidade de Lisboa, Faculdade de Belas Artes, 2011
Peer review: yes
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