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Title: Caminhos para a descoberta
Other Titles: design e visualização de informação
Author: Pires, Carlos Manuel Gomes da Silva, 1970-
Advisor: Vilar, Emílio Távora, 1964-
Keywords: Playfair, William, 1759-1823
Minard, Charles Joseph, 1781-1870
Snow, John, 1813-1858
Beck, Henry, 1902-1974
Shneiderman, Ben, 1947-
Fry, Ben, 1975-
Design de comunicação
Percepção visual
Defense Date: 2011
Abstract: A definition of Information Visualization is presented, and an objective justification of the importance of this discipline and its crucial role in knowledge is also put forward, based on concrete evidence and conclusions from corroborated scientific research in the fields of physiology and psychology of human vision. From the analysis of the most notable epistemological frameworks on Design, a line is drawn between Design and Information Visualization, uncovering a family resemblance that leads us to conclude this discipline can be placed inside the field of Design, and, given the fact that the fulcrum of Information Visualization is in the production of visual representations, it is more appropriately placed within the universe of Communication Design. Finally, a taxonomy of Information Visualization is presented, picking up from an analysis and synthesis of those previous contributions deemed to offer the most relevant characterizations of each component in the taxonomy here developed. Other components are included in the presented taxonomy, found through a generalization of the concepts that underlie those entities and processes which are central to Information Visualization theory and practice. Future use of this taxonomy may provide formulations to analyse, classify, evaluate and create Information Visualization applications
Description: Tese de mestrado, Design de comunicação e novos media, Universidade de Lisboa, Faculdade de Belas Artes, 2011
Peer review: yes
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