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Título: dd4d.org - design diagnosis for dyslexia
Outros títulos: proposta de sistematização do interface digital nos jogos didácticos para crianças dislexicas
Autor: Jardim, Marta da Veiga Ferreira Mesquita e Carmo
Orientador: Fróis, João Pedro, 1957-
Palavras-chave: Design de comunicação
Jogos educativos
Interfaces digitais
Data de Defesa: 2011
Resumo: The chosen subject of the thesis dd4d.org | design diagnosis 4 dyslexia has the main purpose to demonstrate the extent to which the contribution of Communication Design is essential to create an accessible communication. The main target audience is people with specific learning disabilities in the acquisition and use of reading and writing. In the first part of this work, various concepts of Neuroscience’s forum concerning dyslexia will be explored to achieve a thorough knowledge of the audience with whom a dialogue is intended. Later on, studies and articles in which psychology recognizes the strong link between dyslexia and the areas of art and design are analysed, as well as the existence of a graphic and creative predisposition in dyslexic people. In order to define the requirements of digital interface design and ensure a good experience for the everyday user, the opinions of various relevant authors in the area of Communication Design are also studied. Adding this information to the specific needs of dyslexic children, an assessment tool based on these assumptions is proposed, the Table of Systematization of the Digital Interface, SDi, which allows analysing the communication in this context. Finally, the Table SDi is implemented on the Platform dd4d.org, aggregating links from selected interactive educational games, being presented with the assessment results and analysis of the sixteen games evaluated in the study. The selection and collection of this group of games was carried out in the British Dyslexia Association website which mainly supports the regions of Leicester e Leicestershire. The joint disposition of the individual results provides an in-depth and comparative reading and enables firm conclusions on the subject. The existing material is recorded online, creating a map constantly updated and gathering accurate information for users. The evaluation criteria used in the Table SDi will be one added value for communication designers on the Platform dd4d.org, or to those who will benefit from using this study as a basis in developing similar projects
Descrição: Tese de mestrado, Design de comunicação e novos media, Universidade de Lisboa, Faculdade de Belas Artes, 2011
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10451/5929
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