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Title: International consensus statement on olive oil and the mediterranean diet : implications for health in Europe
Author: Assman, G.
de Backer, G.
Bagnara, S.
Betteridge, J.
Crepaldi, G.
Fernandez-Cruz, A.
Godtfredsen, J.
Jacotot, B.
Paoletti, R.
Renaud, S.
Ricci, G.
Rocha, E.
Trautwein, E.
Urbinati, G. C.
Varela, G.
Williams, C.
Keywords: Olive oil
Mediterranean diet
Consensus statement
Issue Date: 1997
Publisher: European Cancer Prevention Organization
Citation: European Journal of Cancer Prevention,1997,6,418-421
Peer review: yes
ISSN: 0959-8278
Publisher Version:
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