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Título: Ways of Saying, Ways of Seeing. Public Images of Teachers (19th-20th Centuries)
Autor: Nóvoa, António, 1954-
Palavras-chave: História da educação - séc.19-20
Professores - imagens
Modelos mentais
Representações mentais
Jay, Martin
Professores - retratos
Data: 2000
Descrição: The article is organized into three main sections: In the first section, inspired by the work of Martin Jay, I try to show the denigration of vision in historical thinking, suggesting that images are demanding new theoretical and methodological approaches susceptible of elucidation in their own terms. In the second section, I attempt an analytical interpretation of a collection of public images of teachers, dating from the second half of the nineteenth century, in order to show the heuristic potential of this material in the historical treatment of educational matters. Finally in the third section, I outline some trends of historiographical renewal, giving attention to the way images can help to reshape the remembering-imagining and the space-time relationships in the History of Education field.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10451/675
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