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Título: Technologies may help thinking
Autor: Costa, Fernando Albuquerque
Cruz, Elisabete
Ferreira, Rute
Palavras-chave: Digital technologies
Data: 2006
Editora: Associação de Professores de Sintra
Citação: COSTA, Fernando; CRUZ, Elisabete & FERREIRA, Rute (2006). Technologies may help thinking. In APS (Ed.), Digital Portfolio as a strategy for teachers’ professional development. Lisboa: Associação de Professores de Sintra. 103-120.
Resumo: The objective of teachers’ personal and professional development is an excellent reason to reflect upon the innovation issues in education and a rare opportunity to implement the use of portfolios in the teaching practices. The most recent developments of digital technologies allow experiencing new organisational and knowledge building that state the diversity and multiplicity of purposes, both alone and as a group. From the reflection on these two aspects comes up the present proposal for the analysis and evaluation of the technologies which may easily be accessed by the educational community and may be used in the process of electronic portfolios building. In what teachers are concerned the use of portfolios can become a powerful means helping the change of the educational practices (Cardoso, Peixoto, Serrano and Moreira, 1996) if it is adopted as a metacognitive and reflexive strategy about teaching about them (Galvão, 2005). However there is a lack of information about what portfolios are, which technologies can be used, how they are prepared and how to take advantage of them. All these questions point out to the need of a specific training in this field. Accordingly, this chapter especially aims at helping teachers in that process, providing an analysis and evaluation technologies grid based on their pedagogical potentialities for the building of digital portfolios.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10451/7012
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