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Title: Teacher practice in an inquiry-based mathematics classroom
Author: Menezes, Luís
Canavarro, Ana Paula
Oliveira, Hélia
Keywords: Teacher practice
Inquiry-based mathematics classroom
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Menezes, Luís, Canavarro, Ana P. e Oliveira, Hélia (2012). Teacher practice in an inquiry-based mathematics classroom. HMS i JME - Hellenic Mathematical Society - International Journal for Mathematics in Education, Volume 4. 357-362.
Abstract: This paper presents a framework for an inquiry-based approach to mathematics teaching. It was developed by combining theoretical perspectives and case studies of experienced teacher that usually conduct inquiry based teaching of mathematics. This framework describes the actions teachers intentionally perform with two identified purposes: to promote the mathematical learning of the students and to manage the students and the class as a whole.
Peer review: yes
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