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Title: From quasi-variable thinking to algebraic thinking: A study with grade 4 students
Author: Mestre, Célia
Oliveira, Hélia
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Mestre, C., & Oliveira, H. (2012). From quasi-variable thinking to algebraic thinking: A study with grade 4 students. In Proceedings of ICME 12, pp. 2091-2098, Seoul:ICME.
Abstract: This communication presents a study that is part of a broader teaching experiment research that focus on the development students’ algebraic thinking in one grade 4 class. The particular goal of this communication is to analyze students’ algebraic thinking when they explore numerical equalities with two unknown quantities. Data collection focuses on the students’ work on one task in the classroom, and is based on participant observation and on the analyses of students’ worksheets. We conclude that students are starting to evidence the emergence of algebraic thinking by expressing the generalization of the numerical relationships in different representations.
Peer review: yes
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