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Título: Critical factors influencing in service teachers’ satisfaction with an e-learning course, measured with a structural equation modelling
Autor: Jorge, Idalina
Palavras-chave: Collaboration
Course design
ICT skills
Data: 2-Jun-2012
Citação: Proceedings of EDULEARN12 Conference. 2nd-4th July 2012, Barcelona, Spain.
Resumo: This research aimed at assessing the perceptions of 168 K 12 teachers about a b-learning course on ICT integration in the curriculum. The teacher trainees were asked to plan some class activities, using Web 2.0 technologies; they have also discussed several issues related to education in the knowledge society, such as new ways and strategies for infusing ICT in the national curricula. A learning environment supported by a communication platform was designed. At the end of the course, a satisfaction survey, which was the basis for this research, was applied to assess the different dimensions of the course. Variables such as ICT skills, course design, collaboration, instructor’s feedback, course usefulness and learners’ satisfaction were assessed. The majority of the trainees (83.3%) affirmed that, in the future, would easily choose a b-learning modality course. Three face-toface sessions – at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the course - have proved to be enough to provide support in technological issues, to organize teamwork, to develop stronger relationships within the community and to keep the trainees on track. The results indicate positive perceptions about the online learning environment and strong relationships with both endogenous and exogenous variables. The trainees pointed out, both in their personal reports and in the survey, that collaboration was one of the most valued components of the course. In fact, the trainees were provided a collaboration board where everyone could ask questions or for some kind of help with the web tools used in the course. The research will develop by using a larger and more diverse students’ sample and by surveying the tutors´ perspectives on eLearning, in order to provide the most convenient learning methodologies.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10451/7098
ISBN: 978-84-695-3176-1
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