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Título: Itinerário de educação artística não formal para seniores através da obra de arte contemporânea
Autor: Maia, Maria Joana de Sousa, 1981-
Orientador: Mendes, Ana Bela, 1953-
Palavras-chave: Educação artística
Arte contemporânea
Envelhecimento activo
Data de Defesa: 2011
Resumo: Active ageing; education for life; education through art It is largely acknowledged that a well succeeded ageing is both the son of a new oldness and of an active commitment by the subject whose main goal is anchored in his longing to achieve a high quality of life. Therefore, education for life becomes an indispensable, necessary and useful tool, as it enables the senior individual adjustment by means of compensation, allowing him to redefine strategies of life and new personal goals regarding whatever he most enjoys, considers valuable or presented to him as challenging. Thus, in the light of this positivism, a program of education through art has been conceived, in order to be implemented with and for the senior, and in the scope of a socio-educational and artistic process aiming pedagogical and methodological reflexion, investigation and action. Such a project, aims to magnifying the cultural and educational levels of the senior and to promoting his self-fulfilment, ability to create value and personal development, through an alternative project to leisure and free time. By enhancing the role of education through art, in an inclusive, cooperative and pertinent way, the civic, cultural and artistic participation of the senior is being put ahead, as it empowers him to live another stage of his life in an integrated and joyful manner. Artistic education emerges, hence, as an instrument that promotes quality of life and gratitude, enabling the subject to regain his seat in the community, regardless of any obstacle towards his age
Descrição: Tese de mestrado, Educação artística, Universidade de Lisboa, Faculdade de Belas Artes, 2011
Acompanha a tese um DVD com o anexo 9 da tese em video que apenas poderá ser consultado na Biblioteca da FBAUL
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10451/7281
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