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Título: Santa Susana do Landal e sua influência nos coutos de Alcobaça
Outros títulos: proposta de inventariação de uma manifestação de património cultural imaterial
Autor: Tavares, Ana Cristina Alexandre, 1966-
Orientador: Arruda, Luísa, 1949-
Pinho, Elsa Cristina Carvalho Gomes Garrett
Palavras-chave: Susana do Landal, Santa
Património cultural
Cultura imaterial
Etnografia religiosa
Data de Defesa: 2013
Resumo: This dissertation focuses on a specific manifestation of an intangible cultural heritage (PCI) in the context of social practices, rituals and festive events that can be found in the central/ western part of the country: the worship of Santa Susana in Landal, which is part of the field of activity of Museology and Museography, both included in the field of study of this masters course. Law nº107/2001 of 8 September which lays down the basis for the policy/scope of the scheme of protection of intangible cultural property and whose safekeeping is based on its “record” for future reference in title VIII, article 91º and following provides for the enhancement of cultural heritage, going beyond the framework of the portuguese law for museums that defines the concept of a museum and what its functions are. The latter refers namely to the integration of collections and includes the representation of existing realities as well as the inventory file. By studying all the aspects connected to the cultural goods of museums such as their history, description, location and associated documentation we are already crossing the line into the field of the immaterial, thus implicitly showing the need that museums feel to contextualize the object. As museums are responsible for the safeguarding of the cultural heritage, their mission is not limited to the conservation of the objects that are kept in their collections, as we can see in the above- mentioned legislation. We propose the establishment of an inventory of the cult of Santa Susana of Landal with a view to its subsequent recognition and ownership by the population and all those interested in this subject, based on research that we have developed to look for the origins of this manifestation on the scope of PCI. We have elaborated an inventory of the cult mentioned above following the conditions of the legislation in force ,as well as the PCI matrix, an information system developed and directed by Direção-Geral do Património Cultural ( General Directorate of Cultural Heritage), which acts as a basis for the National Inventory of Cultural Immaterial Heritage. After having proposed to make an inventory in order that all this cultural manifestation doesn’t fall into oblivion-mainly in the geographical area that originated it- and to get future testimony among interested public, we present furthermore a project for the operation of a sub do-main, that is, a website associated to the Western Digital Website run by the Industrial Association of the Western Region (AIRO),whose main office is located in the region of the documented cult so that this one will be maintained, publicized regionally and that it will also involve the community
Descrição: Tese de mestrado, Museologia e museografia, Universidade de Lisboa, Faculdade de Belas Artes, 2013
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Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10451/9571
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